Tanning for the Fair-Skinned

If you have fair skin, you may feel as though you will never be able to have a good tan. It seems as though you just burn, peel, and go back to pale; it seems as though tanning for the fair-skinned is impossible. If you have fair skin and want a tan, you can do this without damaging your skin.

Pale Woman Lying in Blue Tanning Bed

Come to Cancun Tan for Tanning for the Fair-Skinned

Take Care and Be Patient

There is no such thing as an instant natural tan, even for those who tan easily. You must be patient, or you could damage your skin. If you have pale skin, take it slow. Your tanning bed operator can help you figure out how much you should be tanning, and how often. Don’t get overexcited and try to speed things up.

The first few times you try, you may be disappointed if you set your expectations too high, both in terms of speed and results. For fair-skinned people, a dark tan may not be right for your skin type. Instead, go for something more subtle, and expect to take time to get there so that the process remains gentle enough for your skin.

As you go through the process, continue moisturizing your skin. Protect it from the sun with SPF, too. You don’t want to cause damage by going to a tanning salon, and then exposing your sensitive skin to the sun. Tanning beds are controlled environments, while the sun and the elements are not.

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