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Looking to get the most out of your spa experience? Keep your skin hydrated, enhance your treatment or tanning session with one of our several product lines. 


Get ultimate skincare and support good causes with these Aloe Vera-based products. Devoted Creations carefully manufactures each product and never tests on animals, so you can feel good and look great!



Handmade with a focus on “nutrition for the skin,” Designer Skin tanning products provide rich color, luxurious fragrances, and top quality skincare. Look, smell, and feel great with these inventive bronzers and more!



Look like you walked straight off the beach with one of the richly hydrating bronzers and intensifiers from California Tan. With tropical ingredients to make you smell fresh and summery, these products will help you enhance your tan while caring for your skin.



Cancun Tan offers Sunless products; Weight loss Products; UV protection for hair, nail, and facial covers. Plus we can do special product orders upon request.


Everyone knows that when you go out in the sun, and even on cloudy days, you should wear a sunscreen. With varying SPFs, these outdoor sunblocks are designed to block UVA and UVB rays. However, indoor tanning lotions are quite different, though just as important. They may or may not contain any SPF (most do not) because of the differences between indoor and outdoor tanning. Note that you should never use an outdoor lotion in a tanning bed! Use only indoor tanning lotions when tanning indoors or you could risk an uneven tan, and even damage the sunbed. 


Indoor tanning lotions are designed to enhance your tan. Some contain a bronzer that will impart pigment immediately, while others deposit a chemical that will react over time to increase your tan. These can range from 7X to 55X and more, with darker colored lotions imparting deeper color. Indoor tanning lotions are also helpful in achieving a deeper, longer-lasting tan. They include moisturizing ingredients and fragrances to help keep your skin healthy and smelling great. Some even contain cooling or tingling ingredients to further enhance your tanning session.


Tanning without an indoor lotion can lead to dry, flaky skin and a quickly-faded tan so make sure you consult with one of our team members on the best product for you!

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