Hydration Station Tanning Services

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Hydration Station Tanning Softens Your Skin for a Glowing, Healthy Tan.

If you’re looking for a new and innovative way to enhance your tanning experience, you can’t go wrong with hydration station tanning from Cancun Tan. We are proud to offer this service because we are committed to making sure our customers receive the finest, most relaxing spa and tan treatments during their visits with us. Not only does the hydration station produce excellent tanning results, but it also provides a wide range of nutrients and moisture that are required to keep your skin looking fresh and healthy. If you have questions or would like more information about hydration station tanning in Mansfield, TX, contact our office at (817) 477-0711.

Benefits of Hydration Station Tanning

A hydration station tanning bed uses radiant heat and steam to enhance your tanning experience. The radiant heat accelerates the tanning process and creates a darker, longer lasting color on your skin. The steam serves many different purposes. First, it provides moisture for your skin to keep it from drying out during the tanning process. Second, it cleanses and opens up your pores to allow your skin to better absorb any tanning products you might spray on after. Finally, the steam is filled with vitamins, minerals, and oils that your skin needs to create a healthy glow. The way the steam and the radiant heat interact in hydration station tanning creates a darker, longer lasting tan after the first use. It also allows for a more even application and absorption of spray-on tan products. The minerals and vitamins in the steam give you soft, smooth skin with a healthier appearance, skin tone and texture.

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Cancun Tan offers only the best spa and tanning services to our customers. We understand the importance of a flawless, glowing tan and we are here to help you get there. By offering hydration station tanning in Mansfield, TX, we provide the opportunity of a tan that will not only look great but also boosts the health of your skin. If you would like more information or want to set up your next tanning session, contact our office at (817) 477-0711.