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When combined with exercise, the Lipo-Light Body Contouring system can help you loses inches easily. This technique uses LED lights placed against the skin for optimum results.


By combining noninvasive and natural light therapy with exercise, Lipo-Light Body Contouring helps with targeted inch loss. Targeting your waist, hips, thighs, or even arms, this treatment uses specific wavelengths of light to target cells and release stored fat. Combined with exercise, the process can help you lose up to six centimeters without surgery or complex procedures.

Lipo-Light Body Contouring is a quick, safe, and effective method of body contouring. When you want to expedite weight loss, combine this treatment with your running or gym routine and you’ll enjoy the benefits! The standard process takes four weeks to complete and can be maintained or a new area targeted after completion. Body shaping has never been so simple!

Multiple paddles of LED lights are held directly against your skin during the treatment. It produces a low amount of heat but is painless and even relaxing. 

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