What Is The Formostar Infrared Heat Wrap Treatment

Infrared Light Wraps

Infrared Light Is Used In Many Ways For Healing!

Are you looking for a spa treatment that goes so much deeper than the skin? If so, you’ve come to the right place. One of our most popular treatments is our Formostar infrared heat wrap treatment. With large silicone wraps, the system provides your body with much needed heat to spur natural body processes. Today we will explain the many benefits of this fantastic spa treatment.


Heat has been proven to expedite the body’s healing processes. By wearing the warm wraps for an hour, you are giving your body an added healing boost.


Relaxation is another key to healing, and the warmth is perfect for aiding relaxation. In fact, many clients fall asleep during the treatment.

Cellulite Removal

Cellulite is the enemy for most women, but do you know what cases it? Poor circulation and toxins work together to create cellulite in areas such as your thighs, arms, midsection, and buttocks. These wraps help get rid of cellulite by increasing circulation in these areas, and allowing the body to process and remove the toxins.

Calorie Burning

Studies have shown that these wraps can help you burn up to 1400 calories in one session! Prepare to perspire, and with that, lose pesky water weight and more.



Tips for Indoor Tanning Preparation

Tanning Preparation

To Achieve the Perfect Tan, Follow a Few Simple Steps.

To make the most of every session, it makes sense to practice some indoor tanning preparation. These tips will help you make the most of your time, and receive a healthier tan to boot. To both protect your skin and maximize your tan, follow these strategies in anticipation of your next session.


You should ideally exfoliate every day of the week preceding your tanning session. When you exfoliate, you remove dead skin cells to create a smooth surface for your new tan. To do this, use a body pouf and scrub the skin with a gentle soap. You can also use a commercial kit available at most drug stores or beauty outlets.

Apply Lotion

Before the actual tanning session, make sure you apply an in-door tanning lotion. This preps your skin for the session and maximizes its effectiveness. Apply the lotion with a circular movement across your entire body to achieve an even tan. Do not use outdoor tanning lotions, as they can damage the indoor equipment.

What to Wear

Check with your salon to learn about any tanning bed clothing requirements. Follow these, or decide whether you feel most comfortable in a bathing suit, undergarments, or nothing at all. Make sure to remove all jewelry prior to the session, protect your eyes with goggles, and avoid all perfumes and makeup.

For an ideal tan or more guidance with tanning preparation, contact or visit one of Cancun Tan’s six locations: north and south Arlington, Burleson, Grand Prairie, Hurst, and Mansfield, TX.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Spray Tan

Extend Your Spray Tan

Extend Your Spray Tan With These Tips!

Are you new to spray tanning? One of the most common questions we get is, “How long will my spray tan last?” Typically, you can expect your spray tan to last 7 to 10 days, but with the proper care, you may be able to get it to last longer. Below, we have listed some of our best tips to keep your spray tan lasting longer! If you are interested in learning more, visit us at one of our helpful locations!

Prep Your Skin

Before you go in for your spray tan, wax 2 days prior, or shave the day before. If you try to do either the morning of, you will likely have leftover residue on your skin that will prevent the spray tan from soaking in. If you do either of them afterwards, you risk waxing or shaving the spray tan right off!

Wait to Bathe

For best results, wait a full 18 to 24 hours before bathing, so your skin has the most time to absorb the products.

Exfoliate Before, Not After!

Exfoliating before lets the spray tan absorb into fresh new skin without a hitch! Exfoliating after can take the spray tan off. We recommend using a shower gel, without soap in it, to bathe, as well as using your hands, instead of your usual loofah or wash cloth. The less you exfoliate after getting your spray tan, the longer it will last. After bathing, pat yourself dry with the towel, instead of rubbing.

Wear Loose Clothing

Hand in hand with the no exfoliating tip, tight clothing can rub off the spray tan faster. Show off your new tan with shorts, or wear loose clothing that will prevent friction from disrupting your tan.

Keep A Better Tan For Longer

Get a Better Tan For Longer with Our Tanning Lotions and Moisturizers

Keep a better tan for longer by simply using a tanning lotion in between tanning bed visits. Cancun Tan offers a wide variety of special products catered to the look and feel you want. Our lotions help replenish vitamins and minerals back into your body after tanning, allowing you an all around tanning experience that works in and out of the sun. Also, use rich moisturizers, directly after showering, swimming or baths to keep up a good level of hydration.

Schedule Tanning Visits Appropriately

Better tan for longer

Keep a better tan for longer by taking care of your skin.

Many tanners make the mistake of coming to tan too often. While tanning beds are one of the best ways to keep a summer glow going all year, the results could be counteractive if you over process your skin. This is why purchasing our tanning products to use after a tanning session will help your skin stay beautiful. Ask one of our tanning experts about the best schedule for your skin and body type today.

Vitamin A

Food like carrots, apricots, sweet potatoes and leafy greens can work many ways for you. The best function is helping provide cell-defense, working to protect you cancers and diseases. It does wonders for your skin and nails, and also naturally gives you that natural glow when ingested. Vitamin A can also improve vision.

Stay Hydrated

While your pigment changes, darkening, hydration and moisture is leaving your body in return. Your skin needs that moisture

Visit us for more information on great skin care methods. Pick up more of our great moisturizers today for better tanning skin care at any of our locations in Mansfield, Hurst, Burleson, Arlington and Grand Prairie.

Four Myths About Spray Tans

spray tans

Get ready for summer with a spray tan from Cancun Tan!

Despite the fact that spray tanning has become more popular than ever, several myths still abound. Unfortunately, these myths can keep people from ever experiencing spray tans. Read on to learn about the most pernicious inaccuracies about this fun, beneficial procedure.

Spray Tans Look Unnatural

The most common misconception about a spray tan comes from the color. If you receive your spray tan from a reputable source like Cancun Tan, you do not need to worry about an unnatural orange color. In fact, you control the intensity of the color yourself. When in doubt, always stick to lighter shades for an ideal glow.

Spray Tans Fade Quickly

This rumor only becomes true if you completely fail to care for your tan. Proper exfoliation before, combined with the application of moisturizers afterward, will more than double the life of your tan.

Spray Tans Get Messy

Many people believe that a spray tan is a sticky, runny mess. When received from professional source, however, spray tans completely dry within minutes. They also get airbrushed directly onto the skin at high-speeds, which prevents run-off.

Spray Tans Are Dangerous

The only things dangerous about a spray tan are the myths associated with them. A spray tan uses the same chemicals as any self-tanner, and hold no greater danger. The only way to become endangered from a spray tan is to swallow a large quantity.

Still need convincing? Contact Cancun Tan today for any and all questions about a spray tan. If you’ve decided to take the plunge into a new, more golden you, visit one of our locations for spray tans in Arlington, Grand Prairie, Burleson, Hurst, or Mansfield today!

Benefits of Red Light Therapy

Whether you have heard of red light therapy or have no idea what it is, there’s a good chance it offers benefits for you. Used to treat chronic pain, various skin problems, fine lines and wrinkles, and more, it is a completely natural and safe treatment. A few of the benefits of red light therapy include:

Expedites Healing

Red Light Therapy

Used to Treat Pain and Improve Skin, there are Many Benefits to Red Light Therapy

Red or infrared light therapy works by exposing the skin to infrared light, a completely safe and painless process. The particular wavelengths promote collagen and ATP production in your cells, which helps expedite healing. This can help reduce blemishes, fade scars, and even works on skin affected by acne and rosacea. If you want a natural, chemical- and drug-free treatment, light therapy might be right for you!

Improves Skin

Because of the increased collagen and cell rejuvenation, your skin will start to look younger and smoother. One of the most loved benefits of red light therapy is its anti-aging effects. The treatment can help reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and redness, and can add moisture and glow to your skin. Plus, it is suitable for any and all skin types and ages.

Relieves Chronic Pain

Another major advantage to light therapy is its natural pain relief. If you suffer from arthritis, have a broken bone, or other wounds, red light therapy can help reduce pain and advance healing. Not just for your face, red light therapy can be used on knees, shoulders, joints, and more. You should always consult a doctor before beginning any treatment.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of red light therapy, call or visit one of our six Arlington locations! In addition to tanning products, we also offer various spa services in Arlington, TX!

Refresh Your Skin After A Busy Spring Break!

Give Your Skin Some Spring Break Recovery Spa Treatments!

With Spring Break in full swing, many of our clients are enjoying time out and about on the town, or on vacation around the country! Everyone loves a great vacation, but we all know it can be hard to keep up with our beauty routines while away from home. Refresh and rejuvenate yourself after an exciting Spring Break with a little rest and relaxation at Cancun Tan!

spring break eating tacos

Spring Break was great! Now, spring back to your best you with our refreshing spa treatments!

Facial Rejuvination

Skin feeling a little upset after a week of ocean water, extra makeup, or fun in the sun?
Our Facial Rejuvination services use LED light therapy to soothe and rejuvinate your skin, targeting signs of aging with red lights, and acne with blue lights!

Red Light Beds

Are you feeling sore after running around, swimming, or dancing the night away?
Our Red Light Beds are excellent for removing blemishes on the skin, and relieving pain and soreness throughout the body!


Lipo Light Body Contouring

Are you newly inspired to change your look after your fantastic week off?
Paired with exercise, our Lipo Light Body Contouring treatments can target your waist, hips, thighs, and arms using specific wavelengths of light to accelerate your contouring goals!

Formostar Infrared Body Wrap

Is your waistline out of place after a week of fantastic food that may or may not have been in your diet plan?
Our Formostar infrared body wraps are a wonderful way to target cellulite and your metabolism with infrared light! These wraps can help you burn up to 1,400 calories in one sitting!

Getting Ready for Swimsuit Season

Get Ready for Swim Suit Season with Cancun TanIt’s been a warm winter in Texas and that means it’s almost time for spring! Swimsuit season in Texas comes sooner than in most other states. Read on for some tips on how to get ready quick for swimsuit season in Texas.

Plan Manageable Workouts.

The appearance of all those cute bathing suits at your favorite stores may make you want to launch into a full blown workout frenzy, but think twice! While a starting a workout regimen is a good idea, make sure it’s a manageable one. Planning manageable workout routine means you’ll have a much higher chance of sticking with it.

Stay Hydrated.

No matter what your diet or workout plan, staying hydrated can make you look and feel great! Your body doesn’t look or feel as good when you’re dehydrated. Make sure that as you make your preparations for the warm weather you include plenty of water and other healthy fluids.

Get a Body Wrap.

Are you eager to shed some calories fast, but tight on time? Not everyone has a lot of extra time to go workout or hire a personal trainer, but there are other options. Options like Formostar Infrared Body Wraps can not only burn up to 1,400 calories in a session, but can also boost your metabolism to help you burn more calories in the future.

If you’re looking for a great place to prepare for the upcoming swimsuit season in Texas, come see the experts at Cancun Tan with 6 convenient locations.

Tips for Understanding Indoor Tanning Lotions

Whether it’s your first time going to a tanning salon or you’ve been countless times, indoor tanning lotions can be confusing. There are many different brands, types, and ingredients, and each affects your skin differently. Here’s a few quick tips for understanding indoor tanning lotions.

What Are They?

understanding indoor tanning lotionsIt’s important to note that indoor tanning lotions are not the same as sunscreens, outdoor tanning oils, or self-tanning solutions. Instead, they are specially crafted formulas designed specifically for use in a tanning bed. Some include bronzer while others do not. However, all indoor tanning lotions are helpful in moisturizing your skin and keeping you smelling fresh after your tanning session. We recommend using an indoor tanning lotion during your session to maximize your tan.

Bronzers, Accelerators, and Maximizers…Oh My!

There are many different types of indoor tanning lotions, including bronzers, accelerators, and tingling lotions. Bronzers impart immediate color that continues to develop, and are available in light to extremely dark shades. Accelerators and maximizers typically don’t contain bronzer; instead, they help you develop a long-lasting base tan. These products are usually very moisturizing and are great for beginners. You can also find tingling or cooling lotions that give your skin a fun sensation during your tanning session.

What’s in Them?

Depending on the type of lotion you choose, the ingredients can a include a wide variety of moisturizers, fragrances, vitamins, and more. Some include caffeine, aloe, shimmer, vitamin E, and other great ingredients. If your skin is sensitive, be sure to try a test spot before covering your whole body in any indoor tanning lotion.

If you need more help understanding indoor tanning lotions, just ask the staff at Cancun Tan! Our tanning specialists are available to answer all your questions and help you find the perfect product to maximize your tan. Visit one of our six Arlington, TX area locations today!

5 Tanning Tips to Help Maximize Your Tan

At Cancun Tan we want you to have the best tanning experience possible so we provide the following tanning tips to help you maximize your tan. Feel free to ask our trained staff for any assistance you might need!

Use an Indoor Tanning Lotion

tanning tipsCancun Tan offers a complete line of the latest Devoted Creations, California Tan, and Designer Skin indoor tanning lotions. These indoor tanning lotions are scientifically formulated and designed to help you achieve your very best tanning results. They also replace moisture lost while tanning and help maintain your vibrant tan between visits. Ask your Cancun Tan tanning professional for the lotion that’s best for your individual skin type and your desired tanning goals.

Wear Eye Protection

Use eye protection approved for indoor tanning. The best eye protection for indoor tanning is offered at each Cancun Tan location. Cancun Tan offers types of protective eyewear which fit on each eye in order to eliminate lines from the glasses bridge or elastic strap.

Get Your Skin Ready for a Tropical Vacation

Before going on vacation is an excellent time to tan indoors! Get a base tan first. It will help you minimize any chances of sunburn and overexposure so that you can not only look your best but also enjoy your vacation to the fullest!

Remember to Moisturize Between Sessions

Use a good moisturizer and a soap-free shower or bath gel to prevent your skin from drying and to maintain your bronze glow.

Rely on The Expertise of Your Tanning Consultant

The professionals at Cancun Tan are trained to help you get the tan you desire. Let them know your skin type and goals, and they’ll help you choose the lotions and equipment that best meets your needs. We’re here to help you look good and feel great with these tanning tips and quality products!

Ready to start tanning? Visit Cancun Tan at one of our six DFW locations to get started on that golden glow.