Keep A Better Tan For Longer

Get a Better Tan For Longer with Our Tanning Lotions and Moisturizers

Keep a better tan for longer by simply using a tanning lotion in between tanning bed visits. Cancun Tan offers a wide variety of special products catered to the look and feel you want. Our lotions help replenish vitamins and minerals back into your body after tanning, allowing you an all around tanning experience that works in and out of the sun. Also, use rich moisturizers, directly after showering, swimming or baths to keep up a good level of hydration.

Schedule Tanning Visits Appropriately

Better tan for longer

Keep a better tan for longer by taking care of your skin.

Many tanners make the mistake of coming to tan too often. While tanning beds are one of the best ways to keep a summer glow going all year, the results could be counteractive if you over process your skin. This is why purchasing our tanning products to use after a tanning session will help your skin stay beautiful. Ask one of our tanning experts about the best schedule for your skin and body type today.

Vitamin A

Food like carrots, apricots, sweet potatoes and leafy greens can work many ways for you. The best function is helping provide cell-defense, working to protect you cancers and diseases. It does wonders for your skin and nails, and also naturally gives you that natural glow when ingested. Vitamin A can also improve vision.

Stay Hydrated

While your pigment changes, darkening, hydration and moisture is leaving your body in return. Your skin needs that moisture

Visit us for more information on great skin care methods. Pick up more of our great moisturizers today for better tanning skin care at any of our locations in Mansfield, Hurst, Burleson, Arlington and Grand Prairie.