The Benefits of Indoor Tanning

Indoor Tanning can Have Multiple Great Benefits.Though extensive tanning and burning can have serious adverse effects on your body, regulated tanning can actually have beneficial effects as well. In fact, indoor tanning can help you stay healthier and keep your skin more vibrant and healthy.

Vitamin D

Sunlight is an important natural source of vitamin D for most people. In fact, 80 percent of the world has some level of vitamin D deficiency that contributes to health problems such as digestion, energy levels, depression, and blood pressure problems. Artificial sources of sunlight such as tanning beds can deliver the needed vitamin D your body needs for healthy processes just like the sun does which makes tanning beds a good alternative.

Thyroid Gland

UV light can be a great stimulation for thyroid glands which help to regulate your metabolism and weight gain. People who are struggling with shedding or keeping off pounds or have slow digestion can actually benefit from short, regular spurts in the tanning beds UV lights.

Clearer Skin

We have all heard that the sun can help clear your skin of blemishes like acne and oil. Actually, UV lights in a tanning bed can do the same thing. As you tan on the bed, UV lights can help revitalize your skin, reducing blemishes, itching, redness, and dryness.

Though there are serious risks that accompany tanning too often or too long, your body can benefit from short spurts of regular indoor tanning. To find out more about the benefits of tanning or to schedule a tanning appointment call the Cancun Tan experts at any of their 6 locations.